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About Us

Q.   What does NLP stand for?

 A NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Q.  What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

        It is a unique model for how people learn.

        It is NEURO because all of our experiences, conscious and preconscious,  are filtered through our nervous system.

        It is LINGUISTIC because our mental processes are transformed through and by language.

     It is PROGRAMMING because all of our experiences are composed of sequences of patterns, which we call programs.

        Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the systematic study and the practical application of  how people think.

Q.  What can I use NLP for?   How will it help me?

        NLP lets you model, or copy human excellence in any form.

        NLP helps you attain that excellence or teach it to others.

        NLP can help anyone do whatever they do, better than ever before.

Q. What exactly will I learn?

A. NLP teaches:

Sensory Acuity.

Eye Accessing Cues

Representational Systems

Building Rapport

Information Gathering & Meta-modeling


Chaining Anchors

Changing Personal History


The fast Phobia/ trauma relief technique.

A New Behavior Generator.

Anti-compulsion Patterns

Building Self-Confidence



And much, much more.

Q.  How does all that translate into skills I can use?

        A.  Within the context of what NLP teaches you will learn:

            How to build and maintain client loyalty

            How to have a higher percentage of phone calls returned.

            How to build charisma

            How to increase motivation and energy.

            How to overcome fear and anxiety.

            How to read people.

            How to communicate powerfully.

            How to create better relationships.

            How to do more with less effort.

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